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Are you looking to advertise your business? Here are the types of advertisers we are currently looking for:

Type of Ads

  • Slow, non intrusive, quality
  • Luxury Brands
  • Fitting the interest groups
  • Informative
  • English
  • Helpful and supportive when developing a business

Target Demographic 

Entrepreneurial people (35+) in English speaking countries looking for their next careerstep and professionalize their entrepreneurial skills. They look to create and run their own business (or business idea) more successfully and be more equipped for owning and successfully running a (future) business. Also they are looking for funding their venture or projects with a business loan and making smarter and more founded (personal) investment decisions.

  • (Future) Business Owners
  • Business Professionals looking into being an Entrepreneur
  • 35+
  • Global Community
  • English Speaking
  • 65% Male
  • Internet Affluent

Advertiser Type

Seeking a collaborative, steady-paced approach to build long-term success together. Aiming to target niche markets and reach quality audiences.

Preferred Categories for Advertising

  • Career Services (3rd Job) / Career consulting
  • Business Training
  • Financial Services (getting business loan)
  • Business Productivity Software
  • Helpful Business Software (project management, logistics)
  • Luxury
  • Watches (male accessoiries)
  • Management Jobs
  • Personal Finance
  • Personal Development (Business Skills)
  • Investment Opportunities & Services
  • Business Startup Services
  • Harvard Business Review/ Business magazine subscription
  • Business Software for Startups 

Banner Types

  • Homepage header
  • IAB standards
  • 728*90 px
  • 345*345 px
  • 350*250 px
  • 970*90 px Leaderboard
  • 300*250 px Rectangle
  • 300*600 px Skyscraper

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Website Traffic

  • 32: Website Authority Score (Source: Semrush December 2022)
  • 88% Site Health
  • 7,6k Pageviews / Month
  • 2,1k Sessions / month

Visitor Profile  (Source: Internal data )

  • 44% male population * Target Demographic
  • 56% female population
  • 84%+ English speaking or as secondary language

Demographics (Source: Google Analytics: Sept 2022)

  • 18-24 (41%) (Business Students)
  • 25-34 (25%) * Secondary Demographic
  • 35-44 (15%) * Target Demographic
  • 45-54 (10%) * Secondary Demographic
  • 55-64 (6%) * Secondary Demographic
  • 65+(4%)

Global Audience (Source: Google Analytics: Sept 2022)

  • 175+ countries
  • Most active country: USA
  • Europe (27%)
  • Americas (23%)
  • Asia (24%)
  • Africa (24%)
  • Oceania (2%)

Category / Visitors

  • 44% of user base has a business plan or a business idea (Source: Internal research)
  • 32% of user base has a business plan (Source: Internal research)
  • 68% of respondents don’t have business plan for their business idea yet (Source: Internal research)
  • 93% of respondents mentions this is a valuable website for them (Source: Internal research)

User Interest Categories

  • Employment/Career Consulting Services
  • Business Services/Advertising & Marketing Services
  • Software/Business & Productivity Software
  • Education/Post-Secondary Education
  • Business Services/Business Technology/Enterprise Software/Collaboration & Conferencing Tools
  • Employment
  • Financial Services/Investment Services
  • Business Services
  • Business Services/Business Technology/Enterprise Software
  • Education/Post-Secondary Education
  • Travel/Hotels & Accommodations/Business Travel
  • Consumer Electronics/Mobile Phones
  • Business Services/Business Financial Services
  • Education/Primary & Secondary Schools (K-12)


Needing to build your link network? We’re open to quality posts & links within the noted user interest categories. Get in touch with us via our e-mail address and let us know your proposal. We’ll be happy to help!

Guest Posting

If you have an interesting post idea that fits within the user interest categories mentioned above, we’d be happy to consider it! Just send us an email with your proposal and we’ll take it from there.

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