Business Model Canvas Template


Map your business opportunity on 1 sheet of paper with this Business Model Canvas template. Identify the strong points and the weak points of your business idea. This template will let you build a professional and unique business setup which will allow you to take your business forward.

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Product description

Use this Business Model Canvas to chart your business opportunity on a single A4 or A3 paper sheet. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business opportunity. By using this template, you can create a professional and distinct business layout that will propel your business forward. Our preferred method because it focuses your business idea onto one A3 sheet.


  • * Business Model Canvas applied to your business
  • * Your business approach on 1 A4 sheet
  • * A3 business model canvas also possible (scale with pdf)
  • * A helpful model means you have a clear idea of where you are going and what you need to do
  • * See the overview of your business
  • * Hang it on your office wall for brainstorming purposes
  • * Know how the moving parts of your business


  • * Detailed template gives you all the structure you need to create a solid plan
  • * Customizable to your own business attributes and needs
  • * Downloadable resources to strengthen the planning process

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