Brand Design Checklist


Build a better brand for your business. Have a helpful checklist ready for developing your brand. With this checklist you have an overview ready when creating your brand. Plan ahead with this brand checklist and remove pitfalls before they happen.

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If you’re looking to develop a brand for your business or improve your branding, including the use of logos and brand guidelines, use this helpful checklist.


  • * Improve your branding approach
  • * Have an easy to use checklist for your brand
  • * Be ready before doing a brand project
  • * Know what pitfalls to look for in branding projects
  • * Work with Brand Guidelines
  • * Work with Several branding models
  • * Brand Checklist to check your tickboxes

What is in it?

  • * 100 point checklist of brand related elements
  • * helpful when doing brand projects find if you have any missing items
  • * full overview of all brand related items

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