Financial Template for Businessplan


Start building the financial plan for your business plan with this financial businessplan template. Use these easy to use financial templates with excel examples to create and improve your financial calculations.

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Product description

Do you have the right financial plan in place for your company or start-up? A solid business financial plan, not only gives you an overview of the key financial elements of your company, but it is essential if you plan to apply for a bank loan or an application for funding.

This businessplan financial template lets you develop your own financial businessplan detailing the financial data and projections for your business. Use this financial plan template sample to build your financial projections.

Benefits of the Businessplan Financial Template

  • * Establish a clear financial plan to take your business forward
  • * Calculate your business loan needs
  • * Prepare a financial business case
  • * Better financial control
  • * Improve the profitability of your business
  • * Track and monitor earnings
  • * Cashflow analysis
  • * Easy to use financial templates
  • * Ratios for financial planning
  • * Increase the acceptance rate of a business loan application
  • * Be prepared for most eventualities


  • * Exploitation overview
  • * Profit & Loss overview
  • * Cashflow Analysis
  • * Balance Sheet


What is in it?

  • * Financial Plan Template for a Businessplan
  • * Exploitation overview
  • * Profit & Loss overview (P&L)
  • * Cashflow Analysis
  • * Balance Sheet overview

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